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Lip Oil Crystal

Image of Lip Oil Crystal

For all our Crystal believers here we now give you the option to infuse your Lip Oils with the crystals of your choice!! All crystals have different meanings and healing properties so pick the ones you will want to include in YOUR lip oil. The options you pick will come with 3 of each crystal. You can pick as many you want !!!!

All Lip Oil ingredients contain:
-Vitamin E Oil
-Castor Oil
-Jojoba Oil

Pricing Info:
The Lip Oil will be automatically $5.00, it will be added on to the shipping price. All you have to do is pick the crystals you want so it can be customized to your liking and the price will be sorted out in your cart! Also you can add on other Essential oils.

*The information and pictures I have posted here I did get from the internet, except for the last picture.
Please understand that you can only order one customized lip Oil per order. If you would like to order more than one contact us in the DM of our Instagram @jellywayinc or in our contact section on our site.